Sunday, January 3, 2010


I'm so glad that 2010 is finally here! 2009 was a good year, much much better than 2008 and 2007, but I'm expecting 2010 to be even better! Rob and I each have "dream books" where we've written down our plans for life both now and for the future and we have very specific goals for this year and are excited to make them happen!

First and foremost we would like to start our freakin' family! Most people do not need to plan out their family but since we like to make everything difficult we now officially need the help of doctors. YUCK! Oh well maybe if I finally admit it to the world it will magically happen, right??? Right! So I'm again on the hunt for somewhat decent health insurance and then we shall see!

What else???

- I made a goal to be 130 pounds by Feb 8th....I won't tell you how much I have to lose to make that happen...but it's going to be a fun month!
- I also joined the "Biggest LOOSer Club" and I think it's going to definitly help motivate me in my attempt to get fit!
- to study the scriptures every day and be more active in church
- start traveling - we have lots of destinations we would like to go, this year will be the big trip to Chicago!!
- To finally buy my dream car - I will be saving until May and then buying my GMC Yukon!!!

There's many more things I need to work on, but that's a good start for now! 2010 better bring it.