Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Hacker Family Update

We have a new addition to the Hacker household, a 17-year old nephew from Rob's side has recently moved in with us. He is a great kid, has had a tough time recently and we felt strongly about having him in our home with some much needed security and guidance. Not that I know anything about parenting, but Rob is the only father figure this kid has ever known...within the first week of being here, he's enrolled him back into school, has his first job starting this week and you can already see the confidence building...he's surprised we don't yell at him, which makes my heart ache for the kind of life he's had to already deal with.

My hair is brown again and it's up to my shoulders which is very strange for me...but getting used to it! School is going well, I'm glad I enrolled in classes which I already understand so I'm not too overwhelmed! On a sad note my oldest sister who moved to Temecula 2 years ago is getting a divorce after 24 years of marriage. Apparently her husband thinks he can do is been a sad time because of this and she is now forced to move to Utah where she can afford to live on her own. I have loved getting to know her and her family (they never lived near us when I was growing up, she is 18 years older) and I will miss her so much! Everyone keeps moving away from us!
I had a little relapse with my health over the past month, apparently I really am allergic to wheat, and it has been the hardest thing for me to give up even though I feel terrible after everytime I eat it....but if I can just get back on track I will be feeling better soon!

I would talk about Rob's good stuff, but that's for him to tell....but I am proud of him and love him like crazy!!!