Monday, December 1, 2008

Hiking with the Fam

We had a fun little excursion up in the Oretga's a few weeks ago- went hiking with the doggies! It was a fun afternoon of picnic-ing, hik-ing, sweat-ing, tripp-ing, and bleed-ing!

Twilight Night!!

I knew that I shouldn't have had any expectations from the Twilight movie- the previews were just totally stupid and obviously low budget- but I also knew there wasn't any way I was going to miss it! I ended up laughing the entire way through it, I really did enjoy the actor who played Edward though- he is yum yum. And I'm sure I will see it again...cause I just love sappy movies!

Here are some pics from the nizzight....

Sarah about to cry from exitement!!!!!
Apparently her boob got a little heavier in the car....being prego really has immediate effects!!

A Beautiful Sunset

Right outside my back door--