Saturday, March 31, 2012

The love of my life

Can you tell I've had other things on my mind other than my blog? My little Hayden will be 8 months next week and time is flying by! She has been crawling for a month now and has been pulling herself onto furniture for a couple weeks, I've even caught her on the stairs a couple times, she is ALWAYS on the move! She has definitely changed our life for the better and I can't get enough of her smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses!!!
We are so blessed to have her healthy and strong and she makes every day exciting and fun to watch her learn new things! I don't get much work done anymore but it's a great trade off to be able to spend this time with her.
We haven't had much else going on, I started running again and am taking classes at the gym a few times a week and that has been amazing to get more energy and feel a little less flabby!
Rob is still working really hard growing his business every day, he is awesome and I'm really proud of everything he has accomplished so far and we look forward to the future of wonderful things!
I have a new hobby of buying furniture to refinish - yep so far I just have a bunch of pieces of furniture and haven't even started refinishing anything! But I have big plans that one day my child will start taking really long naps and I'll be able to accomplish something! But for now I'm just going to keep collecting cause it's fun to shop.