Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Happy Birthday Max!!

This officially makes me a huge dork, but I'm just gonna dive head first into the dorkiness! One year ago we had a litter of 8 giant puppies! It's been quite an adventure since the 1st one was born and we kept one for our own! We love our little Max and so glad he beat the bout with Parvo as I would have been utterly devastated if I lost 3 puppies to it.

Max is a big lover and a wannabe lap dog, he loves licking, running, playing, and doesn't know any commands other than sit...sorry, he was too cute to bother with training!!

So happy 1st birthday Max...no cake for you!

Notice his paws are now the size of my hand! He is a big boy!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

Crimping Rocks!

My sweet friend Fallon was bugging me to update my blog so I looked back to my old pics (this is my attempt at scrapbooking btw). I spent 1 whole semester up at UVSC where I completely failed every class, gained about 10 pounds and spent way too much time in vinyl clothing dancing at the Omni! We always had a blast and I have many great stories and memories from that short time!

Love ya faldar!!!