Saturday, March 31, 2012

The love of my life

Can you tell I've had other things on my mind other than my blog? My little Hayden will be 8 months next week and time is flying by! She has been crawling for a month now and has been pulling herself onto furniture for a couple weeks, I've even caught her on the stairs a couple times, she is ALWAYS on the move! She has definitely changed our life for the better and I can't get enough of her smiles, laughs, hugs and kisses!!!
We are so blessed to have her healthy and strong and she makes every day exciting and fun to watch her learn new things! I don't get much work done anymore but it's a great trade off to be able to spend this time with her.
We haven't had much else going on, I started running again and am taking classes at the gym a few times a week and that has been amazing to get more energy and feel a little less flabby!
Rob is still working really hard growing his business every day, he is awesome and I'm really proud of everything he has accomplished so far and we look forward to the future of wonderful things!
I have a new hobby of buying furniture to refinish - yep so far I just have a bunch of pieces of furniture and haven't even started refinishing anything! But I have big plans that one day my child will start taking really long naps and I'll be able to accomplish something! But for now I'm just going to keep collecting cause it's fun to shop.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hayden Ruth Hacker

My precious little girl has finally arrived! (Well a little over 2 weeks ago, but who's counting?) Our little Hayden made her grand entrance on August 5th at 4:48am. I was induced on the 4th at Rancho Springs and spent about 21 hours in labor, enjoyed an epidural and felt the effects of it wearing off, spent about 6 hours with an oxygen mask on and finally was dilated to a 9 and they put an internal monitor on her to see how she was reacting to each contraction and within 15 minutes or so we were on our way to the operating room for a c-section! Since my epidural had worn off I felt each poke the dr made and ended up having to fully go under, it was really emotional for me and I just remember the anesthesiologist pulling my arms down because I kept trying to wipe my tears away, I was so sad I wasn't going to see my baby being born...then when I woke up I was hyperventilating and couldn't calm down until they brought her in. It was the most peaceful moment when I finally saw her and knew she was healthy and perfect. Rob got to see her in the nursery but he didn't want to hold her until I did, so sweet!
We had a little scare when we finally got into our recovery room and she started turning blue, Rob was trying to pat her down and I was so drugged up I called the nurse and said "my baby is turning blue" in a very calm voice, I had no idea what was happening until the nurses rushed in and grabbed her to get her breathing....good thing I was drugged up!!
We are enjoying every second (well ok not every second, I'm not the biggest fan of the piercing screaming in my ear!) She is healthy and amazing and we love her more than anything! Rob is an amazing dad already - he can calm her right down and he is the best burper ever!
Today I took off my strips that are holding my incision in place, and I can finally see the GIANT scar that will be there the rest of my life! The recovery of my body will be an interesting process, my stomach is stretched to the max! Yuck!! So hopefully the next few weeks I'll get back to wearing my normal jeans...oh I miss them!!
I am so happy I am able to work from home most of the time, I can't imagine having to leave her EVER! I'm so grateful to my sisters and mom for coming to take care of me over the past couple weeks I can't imagine trying to survive that 1st week on my own!
We are getting back to doing normal things, today I even braved Target on my own and she slept the whole time, so each day I'm trying to get out and just try something new!

Friday, June 3, 2011

My little girlie room and my not so little belly shot....

I will be 32 weeks tomorrow!! I finally feel like we are getting somewhere and know she will be here faster than we realize!

Here are a few pics of the cutest little room ever (I think it has just the right amount of girly-ness!)

The closet needs a little more organizing, but you can see the oodles of clothes...which most of them are 6 months and under! The rest are now tucked away in drawers!! I also wanted to add the "It's a Freaking Girl" sign from my shower, it makes me smile when I see it, Rob told me we had to take it down before she started reading cause he didn't want her to see it and be sad.....adorable!!

We found this awesome dresser/changing table combo on craigslist and I jumped on it before anyone else could snatch it up....this is the before shot....

And after....isn't it lovely? It matches the crib perfectly now thanks to Traci for doing such an amazing job to revamp it!!

And yes my diaper pail is ready to go, I have diapers and wipes in the box on top of the dresser, I'm holding off on washing the clothes so I will have something to do in July to keep me preoccupied!!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Half Way There!

I'm actually 21 weeks as of today, but the last pic I took was sometime last week so I'm a bit bigger than shown. I've decided that ruching on the sides of shirts is definitely the most flattering for pregnant peeps...and elastic waistbands, oh how I love thee! (please excuse the giant crack in the mirror, it's a rental and we didn't do it!!)

Last week my friend Vanessa (who's due 4 days later than me) and I went to this awesome warehouse consignment sale all for babies and kids stuff!! We were able to get in the 1st night just for pregnant ladies and it was a madhouse! We snagged up some amazing deals and I got so much fun stuff....every little girl needs at least 10 pairs of shoes, some cute clothes for cheap, I found a brand name baby sling for cheap, and other goodies! It was tons of fun and got me really excited about buying for a little girl!

And today my baby room looks like a tornado hit! It is starting to bother me how much of a disaster everything is, but we have been given SO much stuff already so I just keep piling it in! We just got back from a visit to my siblings and I came home with a huge garbage bag full of clothes, a bumbo and baby bath thanks to my sis-in-law Kelley! She says she's done but we all know there is another Hauck baby just waiting! My family has been busy buying me gifts and they are piling up, thank goodness we are doing a garage sale in a couple weeks and can start clearing out the crap that doesn't need to be stored in that room, then let the painting begin!!

I've come to the conclusion so far that I'm a pretty low key pregnant lady...haven't been sick very much, haven't had many cravings and when I do they don't last long, I still work, still try to keep the house clean, I still stay up late and regret it every morning when I need to wake up, the only thing I am struggling with is the hips hurt SO badly by 4 in the morning that I end up sleeping upright almost every night, but luckily it's at night and I have no one to complain to except I occasionally punch Rob! I hope it continues to be easy going, I realize as I get to be the size of an elephant I probably won't feel this way, but for now I think it's the coolest thing!

And this week my craving is cinnamon sister made a batch the other night and I can't get them out of my head...I need, I need!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


I was sitting in church on Sunday when this thought popped into my mind "I am terrified to have a little girl". I immediately realized this is why I had such a hard time adjusting to the idea of it but I'm so happy and grateful for this little life!

And I look at this and I'm not so scared

Then I think of all the stages in her life that I will be a part of....

Will I give my daughter a haircut that makes her look like a boy?

Or support her when she thinks these head shots will get her lots of modeling jobs?

Will she choose good boys to date?

Will she have good friends and be a good friend to others?

I'm trying to be a better example for her already, I realize I'm not the nicest person but in teaching her to be better at everything than I ever will be, it will keep me much more accountable for my choices.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

It's a freakin girl!

We had a very dramatic gender reveal and went in completely convinced it was a boy, had his name all picked out and everything....and I'm sure because we wanted it so badly, it turned out to be a girl. Not that I'm not happy or grateful or excited, just taken by surprise. It's taken a few days to get over the shock but yesterday I went shopping and bought some super cute outfits for her (NOTHING PINK!) and it made me happy. We started talking girl names but the best we've come up with is ChaNaNa, I mean why wouldn't you want to have your girl have the same nickname as your dog? We'll see what we come up with, I think waiting until we meet her sounds good to me that way we can match her name to her little feisty personality! But for now it will give us something to debate sister-in-law gave me a great piece of advice to wait until Rob has seen me go through labor and then he'll just do whatever I ask of him! I like it!

I did decide how I'm going to decorate! I love this wall decal and the purple and with dark wood furniture it will be one sexy room!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

16 Weeks!

I've just about made it to 4 months! Time has started going by faster and that's a good thing cause it means I've been working! I have most of my energy back and my only symptom I have found to be a problem is constipation! And might I say prune juice really does work, like almost too well! TMI???
Here are a couple really silly pics of the belly - can I just say NO ONE looks good like this!

And the view from my eyes!

Other things happening in our little household:
- Staying busy with my new calling - I have never been to so many meetings and have taken so many notes since my last class in college! I really do need an ipad now because I could just type up everything on the spot instead of having to write it down and then type it time consuming! But it's been great so far and our next task will be feeding about 500 people breakfast on Saturday morning! If I was my sister I would be baking 500 cinnamon rolls but screw that, Costco muffins work just dandy!
- I found my earring I thought I lost on our way to Chicago almost 4 months ago! It was such a great moment to find them, I have felt bad about losing it ever since!
- Rob is super busy with work, I really just am so proud of him for doing it all on his own, he really is an amazing property manager and has been selling houses here and there - just so glad he is doing what he loves and it gives us so much freedom to spend tons of time together! Life wouldn't be as fun if he had to get up and do the 9-5 work day, we wouldn't have lunch dates almost every day, I couldn't go bug him in his office when I need some attention...and I just love the idea of throwing our kid in his lap when I need a break or a shower or something! He is the bomb!
- And my sweet Chanel - I just love her! I was having a rough day yesterday and she stayed by my side every second, we snuggled for hours on the floor, she's the best!