Saturday, March 19, 2011

Half Way There!

I'm actually 21 weeks as of today, but the last pic I took was sometime last week so I'm a bit bigger than shown. I've decided that ruching on the sides of shirts is definitely the most flattering for pregnant peeps...and elastic waistbands, oh how I love thee! (please excuse the giant crack in the mirror, it's a rental and we didn't do it!!)

Last week my friend Vanessa (who's due 4 days later than me) and I went to this awesome warehouse consignment sale all for babies and kids stuff!! We were able to get in the 1st night just for pregnant ladies and it was a madhouse! We snagged up some amazing deals and I got so much fun stuff....every little girl needs at least 10 pairs of shoes, some cute clothes for cheap, I found a brand name baby sling for cheap, and other goodies! It was tons of fun and got me really excited about buying for a little girl!

And today my baby room looks like a tornado hit! It is starting to bother me how much of a disaster everything is, but we have been given SO much stuff already so I just keep piling it in! We just got back from a visit to my siblings and I came home with a huge garbage bag full of clothes, a bumbo and baby bath thanks to my sis-in-law Kelley! She says she's done but we all know there is another Hauck baby just waiting! My family has been busy buying me gifts and they are piling up, thank goodness we are doing a garage sale in a couple weeks and can start clearing out the crap that doesn't need to be stored in that room, then let the painting begin!!

I've come to the conclusion so far that I'm a pretty low key pregnant lady...haven't been sick very much, haven't had many cravings and when I do they don't last long, I still work, still try to keep the house clean, I still stay up late and regret it every morning when I need to wake up, the only thing I am struggling with is the hips hurt SO badly by 4 in the morning that I end up sleeping upright almost every night, but luckily it's at night and I have no one to complain to except I occasionally punch Rob! I hope it continues to be easy going, I realize as I get to be the size of an elephant I probably won't feel this way, but for now I think it's the coolest thing!

And this week my craving is cinnamon sister made a batch the other night and I can't get them out of my head...I need, I need!


Kipn n' Sarah said...

Holy WOW you have a ton of stuff already! You go girl! You are going to be all set and that girl is going to have everything a little girl could ever ask for! You look amazing and I am very happy for you that it has been so easy going for you, what a blessing. That is how I was with Brooke and it sure is amazing! Being pregnant is THE BEST and feeling the baby move more and more makes it even better! Congrats on being over the hump!

Traci Elizabeth said...

you look FABULOUS.

what a fun shopping trip!

Heather said...

Those shoes kill me!!!! And you are seriously so adorable! Love your baby bump!! Excited for your little girl and glad you're more than halfway there, can't wait to meet her!!!

marcie said...

Meagan - glad you are feeling well - except the sleeping part. remember it's all Rob's fault. That baby is surely loved. I just love those red boots!! super cute. Good luck on the second half.

Beth and Poasa said...

I was just thinking...what are we all going to get you for your baby shower?! Sounds like you've got a great start on what you are going to need already. I guess you'll just get more clothes :) I really do think you look great, although you don't care to hear that. Glad to hear you're feelin good. I cannot express to you how totally excited I am that you guys are having a baby and its a girl! Love you!