Friday, February 29, 2008

The Answers To All of Life's Questions!

1. How long have you and your significant other been together? It will be a total of 5 years this July...holy cow

2. Who eats more? Rob does, he's a very slow eater, but he'll just keeping eating and eating and eating- like right now he's finishing dinner while I'm blogging!

3. Who said I love you first? Rob did- I didn't want to be the crazy girlfriend who said I love you before he was ready to say it back!!

4. Who is taller? Rob- he says I'm really short which I don't agree with, I'm pretty average height

6.Who does laundry? That would be me! I had to force him to start letting me do his laundry, he always thought it was wierd but now he couldn't live without me

7. Who does dishes? Me again- well actually he would do them but on his own time and I usually just get fed up and do them myself

8.Who sleeps on the right side of the bed? Rob, we tried switching once but it was actually uncomfortable

9. Who pays the bills? I do, but I enjoy reminding him of how much his Directv (necessity of course) costs each month!!

10. Who mows the lawn? Rob- we bought this awsome mower for like $10 off craigslist!

11. Who cooks dinner? I do- well ok we only have a couple home cooked meals a week so it's really not a big responsibility, he does make a mean can of soup when I'm sick though!!

12.Who drives when you are together? Rob does- I can't see very well at night so it's just safer for everyone that way

13. Who is stubborn? hmmmmm anyone have an opinion on that one??? if you have met Rob you will know the answer to this question

14.Who is the first to admit they are wrong? I think I am, I don't like being wrong but I also hate arguing my point- Rob really enjoys this

15.Who's parents do you see the most? I think we see my family more- wierd because all of Rob's family is local and mine are up in Nor Cal and Washington!

16. Who kissed who first? Rob kissed me first- it was awesome

17.Who proposed? Rob of course

18.Who is more sensitive? Me by a landslide- although Rob really isn't as tough as he comes across!

19.Who has more friends? I think I do right now- it was always him when we were dating but now I have lots of such wonderful girlfriends that I totally have him beat! take that rob!

20. Who has more siblings? Me- I have 2 brothers and 3 sisters (all older), he has 1 sister and 1 brother

21. Who wears the pants? This one made me chuckle- I actually enjoy the fact that Rob "wears the pants". It makes me feel secure and I know he will always take care of our family first! I think because the 2 of us have such different personalities that we create a good balance in our home. He's definitely a "mans man" and I love that about him!! I trust him to make good decisions for the future of our family and I don't worry so much about getting my way all the time- I've learned it's all about compromise!

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Anyone want a piece???

So Laura and I wanted to do something special for Heather on her actual birthday and she always makes these awesome barbie cakes for we thought we'd try our skills and see how it turned out! I read the wrong directions and we baked it in one bowl instead of 2 and it ended up being a little short! When Laura stuck barbie in the cake I was running around the kitchen trying not to pee my pants we were laughing so hard! It was tons of fun to make and if anyone needs a super aweomse cake, just call us...we are totally going into business!!

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ode to Heather...on her Birthday

We went out for Heather's big 29th birthday last night to the Sushi House in's some fun pics, too bad we missed out on Karoke those would have been pretty good!

Here's Heather and Seth looking all cute!

Me & Laura

Heather & Kati

Nathanial & Janitsy (can you say photogenic???)

Me & Rob

Kevin & Laura

Ha ha, here's Seth making a bad joke????

And we got some undercover officer checkin the place out...we think they were serving illegal alchohol????

Good times.....hope you have a wonderful birthday!!!

Love ya Heather!!

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

My Baby and me!

I've seen a lot of love stories being posted and I started to think about my own...somewhat different from most, but it has a happy ending! I met Rob in the summer of 2003, he had just returned from Iraq and I had moved home to OC from San Diego. He just showed up one day and acted like he'd never been away. In our singles ward we used to play softball on Saturday mornings and I'm not a softball player by any means. But Rob and I were just getting to know each other and this was a fun way to be around him! I would just stand behind him and act as his "shadow", but really the whole time checking out his adorable butt! Oh he had the best body that summer still being in the marines all he did was work out, man oh man!!!
So he he asked me out a few times and each time I said no (I have no idea why, maybe playing hard to get) but on the 3rd try I said yes and we had our first date at the OC fair. It was seriously the best date I've ever been on and I knew I started falling for him that night. We played all night and beat up on each other with these blow-up hammers and by the end of the night we were holding hands (we have a very specific way of holding hands, not interlaced through all fingers but just a couple....and it was so comfortable). No kiss on the first date (I totally would have) but I'm sure it happened a few dates later on the way out to my car to say goodnight. After that I totally stalked him! I had friends in the same apt complex and would just magically show up on his doorstep all the time! Poor guy never stood a chance. Well we had an interesting courtship, we broke up a number of times but something always brought us back together.

Late in 2004 we started talking about marriage (everyone was getting married around us so I started to feel the pressure) and he just couldn't handle it! We were at the mall one day walking by a jewelry store and said we should go in and look around...I was a little nervous but went with we get in the store, I have a ring on my finger and he tells the sales lady that he is my brother! I couldn't get out of that store fast enough! I tried to be patient, but my emotions got the better of me one Sunday afternoon at his apartment, I started bawling asking him why he didn't want to marry me??? He disappears for a second and comes back and hands me the receipt for my engagement ring! I guess the ring was taking forever to make and he was just waiting to get it...needless to say I felt really silly after that! So I settled down and waited!

The proposal happened on Christmas Day 2004. My family was out of town and I think we went to his family's for the morning, but we got back to the apt and were just hanging out when he has this brilliant idea to try out his new trench coat. I though it was kinda random but I went with it, we went to Laguna Beach and walked up to this gazebo overlooking the ocean and all the sudden he was down on one knee! I can't remember a thing he said, but I know I said yes! I'm glad we actually had the camera there that night!

I started planning the wedding the next day and we got married on May 21, 2005 (exactly one month before my b-day, so he can't ever forget it) in the San Diego temple and it was a total blur! I remember him walking up to meet us that morning and I was so excited and I asked him "aren't you so excited?"....he then told me "please don't talk to me right now", I started freaking out a little cause who would say that like 20 minutes before they were sealed???? But we were able to see each other beforehand and he was totally calm and ready, so I felt ok about marrying him! After that we headed to our apt and took a nap (really I totally fell asleep for a couple of hours) and then went to my parents house for our reception!

We left the next day for our honeymoon in Hawaii, it was soooo amazing to be on our own! We had a great time in Maui in the best hotel ever. And he took some amazing pictures we have had blown up and framed in our bedroom!

And now almost 3 years later we are happier than ever (marriage was a tough thing for us to adjust to) and have our beautiful home, our giant dogs, and our great friends surrounding us! We are looking forward to having a family and are ready when the time is right!

The Pup Update

Well out of 8 puppies we only have 3 boys left! They are officially 14 weeks as of today! I'm starting to teach them the basics but it is hard to do 3 at a time. They are a lot of fun but they are getting so big and I'm worried we won't find homes for them now! I'm actually thinking of keeping Bob the fawn one, he is so sweet and reminds me of Bailey when he was a puppy (minus a whole lot of energy).

Friday, February 15, 2008

Ewwww I'm So Sick!!!

So I'm still really very sick. I finally broke down and went to the doctor today and after spending $225 (yes you read that correctly) I now have antibiotics to help get me through this! Can I just say that health insurance is a scam and I really hate having it!!!!! Does anyone else agree with me? So I'm officially stuck at home until this thing starts to clear up, I just spent 1/2 hour in the shower trying to even out my body tempurature and clear up my sinuses. This is the most sick I've been in a while and I'm running out of soup!! Poor Rob has been a pretty good sport, has gone on multiple drug store runs for medicine and sprite (I can't get enough of it!) and he keeps forcing food down my this point I am just one sickness away from my goal weight!!! (ha ha, that was from a movie I promise) So now I'm trying to keep my head from expoding and I should be back in action in another week or so! And my final thought is- if anyone is feeling anything like I am feeling- GO TO THE DOCTOR ASAP! My doctor is having me do special stuff to keep me from getting neumonia(sp), so take care of yourselves and your cute kids and I don't wish this one on anyone!! Ta ta!

Friday, February 8, 2008

My School Daze

So we've all been talking about our worst hair day and I personally think it should have been "The Most Awkward Time In My Life", which in this slideshow you will see that my high school years could have been better!!! Ok so it was really freshman and sophmore year that was the most disgusting for me (can I just say clear braces didn't work for me!!) But I enjoy all my school pictures, they are pretty funny to look back on and see the homemade clothes, the perms and the ridiculously short hairdos I had. So hope you enjoy as well!!