Tuesday, July 21, 2009

OC Mud Run

This past Saturday we ran in the OC Mud Run! It is a 5K plus obstacle course with a little mud mixed in!

We teamed up with the Deadly Thompsons and become the Purple Cobras- Nobody makes me bleed my own blood, Nobody!

Here is our team warming up...

Me & Kyra doing the "Purple Cobra" (my nose looks like it's GINORMUS)

Here is where the day takes a deadly spin....(we were getting our shoes wrapped up in duct tape)

So this is what happened....got all duct taped up and headed to the start line...we saw a bunch of people that started running ahead of us and apparently the race had already started! So we start sprinting to catch up with everyone...and then we hit the 1st obstacle....4 thousand people in front of us all waiting to get over the 1st one (next year I'm hoping they do interval starts to help ease the pileup)...so after the 1st mud pit I get rocks and mud in my shoes and my feet immediately start bleeding! I also had so much mud in my shoe that the duct tape was super duper tight around my foot and cutting off all circulation!! Crazy right?
So I keep going cause I don't want to look like a pansy (even though I really am). About a mile into it I can't run anymore and have to get my shoes of ASAP, Matt and Rob basically rip my shoes off my feet so I can just run barefoot, and Kyra did the same- she was in pain as well but is much tougher than I am!! So we run barefoot the rest of the race- got piggyback rides over the gravel parts and then we start wading through the most disgusting stagnant water ever!
Well to make the longest story ever a little shorter...we survived! We had a blast and now know all the things NOT to do to prepare for the race!

So you'll notice in this pic I am unusally close to Matt...sorry Kyra, well actually sorry Matt, awkward!!

I apologize for the following pics...but they had to be posted! They actually don't look as bad as they feel
I had a nasty toe infection for a couple days, but has since gone. My heels are just all screwed up and they literally THROB all the time!!

I'm bummed we didn't get a picture of everyone who went....we had us, the Thompsons, the Andres teamed up with the Morans, the Fergusons teamed up with the Kaass, and the Nelsons teamed up with the Nays for the nooner race!!

We even got to eat lunch at my favorite Mexican restaurant Mi Casa with the Thompsons and the Fergusons.....Matt was acting like a 12 year old girl the whole time and Kyra licked a man's shadow- pure entertainment!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

8 Things

Haven't done one of these in a while so here it goes:

8 things I:

Look Forward To~
1) not worrying about money
2) having a family
3) playing soccer
4) my 1st piano lesson in like 15 years
5) going white water rafting!!!
6) the MUD RUN
7) hanging out with friends
8) seeing my dogs get excited every time I walk in the door

Did Yesterday~ crap it's after midnight....
1) watched The Bachelorette with friendsies
2) worked all day long
3) ate lunch at Rubios- they are lucky they didn't forget the guac this time
4) had a PB&J sandwich for dinner
5) thought about working out
6) watched episodes of Entourage
7) played Mafia wars on facebook
8) pooped

Wish I Could Do~
1) go on a 2 week long vacation to Europe
2) go on a 2 week long vacation to Tahiti, Carribean
3) make a kid
4) own a ranch and rescue dogs
5) see my nieces & nephews more often
6) never drink a soda ever again
7) be extremely fit (work in progress)
8) everything!!

Shows I watch~
1) So You Think You Can Dance
2) The Bachelorette
3) Always Sunny in Philadephia
4) Rescue Me
5) Tori & Dean: Home Sweet Hollywood
6) Castle
7) Burn Notice
8) Biggest Loser

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Ode to Independance Day

Every once in a while I get asked "Where would you be if you didn't live here?" My answer is always the same - Chicago, Illinois!! This usually gets a strange look from people but I spent my early childhood (up to 5th grade) in Wisconsin and Illinois. I have the very best memories of growing up in the quaint little suburbs of Chicago and every once in a while taking a day trip into the city to see Wrigley Field or shop in the giant mall with the tightrope walking bear....but my favorite of all favorite memories is the 4th of July on Butler Lake in Libertyville!!

I remember decorating my bike a few days before in red, white and blue streamers and waking up early that day to get dressed in my patriotic best...and the whole family heading down to the local parade where I get to ride along and get cheered on by our neighbors....than the fam would get a picnic all together (usually including martinelli's apple cider) and head down to the lake where we would get there super early to get a good seat in front of the band shell....we would listen to live bands all night, dance along, run free and then buckle down for the most amazing fireworks show you've ever seen (this according to my 6 year old eyes of course)

(apparently my love of Coke started young!)

I have yet to have an experience like this since...I just feel so warm and gooey when I have this memory and want to recreate that for my own family!! I love the 4th of July and especially since I have my own Marine to celebrate with. I enjoy putting the flag out to remember all the men & women who have fought for our freedom! Thank you to all those who are brave enough to get out there and protect us!!