Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Hayden Ruth Hacker

My precious little girl has finally arrived! (Well a little over 2 weeks ago, but who's counting?) Our little Hayden made her grand entrance on August 5th at 4:48am. I was induced on the 4th at Rancho Springs and spent about 21 hours in labor, enjoyed an epidural and felt the effects of it wearing off, spent about 6 hours with an oxygen mask on and finally was dilated to a 9 and they put an internal monitor on her to see how she was reacting to each contraction and within 15 minutes or so we were on our way to the operating room for a c-section! Since my epidural had worn off I felt each poke the dr made and ended up having to fully go under, it was really emotional for me and I just remember the anesthesiologist pulling my arms down because I kept trying to wipe my tears away, I was so sad I wasn't going to see my baby being born...then when I woke up I was hyperventilating and couldn't calm down until they brought her in. It was the most peaceful moment when I finally saw her and knew she was healthy and perfect. Rob got to see her in the nursery but he didn't want to hold her until I did, so sweet!
We had a little scare when we finally got into our recovery room and she started turning blue, Rob was trying to pat her down and I was so drugged up I called the nurse and said "my baby is turning blue" in a very calm voice, I had no idea what was happening until the nurses rushed in and grabbed her to get her breathing....good thing I was drugged up!!
We are enjoying every second (well ok not every second, I'm not the biggest fan of the piercing screaming in my ear!) She is healthy and amazing and we love her more than anything! Rob is an amazing dad already - he can calm her right down and he is the best burper ever!
Today I took off my strips that are holding my incision in place, and I can finally see the GIANT scar that will be there the rest of my life! The recovery of my body will be an interesting process, my stomach is stretched to the max! Yuck!! So hopefully the next few weeks I'll get back to wearing my normal jeans...oh I miss them!!
I am so happy I am able to work from home most of the time, I can't imagine having to leave her EVER! I'm so grateful to my sisters and mom for coming to take care of me over the past couple weeks I can't imagine trying to survive that 1st week on my own!
We are getting back to doing normal things, today I even braved Target on my own and she slept the whole time, so each day I'm trying to get out and just try something new!