Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I'm starting a Charity....

Have I got your attention????? Now read carefully, this is a very important matter I will be dealing with.

The charity will be called "Meagan is tired of driving a sedan where she can't see traffic in front of her and therefore needs a much larger car Fund"

This fund has been started because I get serious road rage (well I yell at other cars and shake my fist at them, then continue singing Lady GaGa). Driving a car that is higher off the ground is the ultimate goal, like a giant Yukon where I can really just run people off the road and get to my destination faster

I accept cash, check or even paypal because I'm just totally accomodating like that.

Yes I really did just write a post about people giving me money so I can buy a new awesome am I?

This has caused me to actually reflect and think I should actually really start a I just have to come up with a cause that people will actually give money for....any thoughts?