Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sugar the way to be (NOT!)

I went for a follow up visit with my doctor and while he saw some improvement I still have to completely change my diet for good! That means no more tasty yummy comfort food that I love soooo much! I have to give up all wheat (which is literally in everything, I have checked) and sugar (which is basically what I live off of). So I tried to rid the pantry of all pasta and other foods that I can't eat to get rid of the temptation but unfortunately Rob is not on this new eating plan so I had to keep it all....hopefully he'll get with it and cook it when I'm not here!
I have to eat as much protein as possible in every meal...if anyone has any good recipes or snack ideas please fill me in cause this is going to be a difficult adjustment. I was forced to eat ice cream last night by my mother-in-law but I did choose sugar-free instead....I told Rob afterwards I might as well just go hungry cause there is no point in sugar-free anything!!!!

Friday, June 20, 2008

A Very Long Day.....

I finally was able to get my hair done today....I was there from 12:30-5:00, so thanks to my new hairstylist who got through it with me! I don't think she has ever seen a person with sooooo much hair! But the end result was totally worth it and I love it!!

Before...blah (no makeup extra blah!)
After...the picture doesn't do it justice, it really is very blonde!!!

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Our Trip to Needles

We just got home from a much needed weekend away with friends out in Needles! Nathaniel's brother was graduating high school on Friday so it was just excuse to get together, so we met up with friends from AZ and got to spend some time together! Here are some pics of our trip down to the river, it was the first time Chanel and Max have ever been swimming and they loved it! It was adorable to watch them all play, they got to spend time with Bailey and a new friend Buck as well and played for hours in the water. It was a great weekend with good friends who are basically our family and we love them!

This may sound strange to some but we got a hotel room with 2 full beds, well Rob went out Friday night into Laughlin and left me in the room with my 2 doggies and of course I let them get on the bed with's a vacation! So Rob and I slept in separate beds because the dogs snuggled with me the whole time---and no I do not let dogs in my bed normally!

They loved chasing Nathaniel in the kayak, Max rode around in it and Chanel swam behind because she thought he was stealing him! It was pretty cute...

Here is Max passed out on the floor of the backseat....we came home with a real need for an SUV...2 large dogs in a sedan does not work!