Thursday, September 30, 2010

Chicago Day 3

I bet you thought I forgot about the rest of my trip!! Oh no I didn't!

Day 3 was spent wandering....

And a Blackhawks game! This was the 1 and only time Rob was mad at me the entire trip! And the best part is I was laughing inside the whole time cause he was really only upset over tickets...really Rob? Really? But then we found a scalper guy and got some good seats and he was magically happy once again!

We tend to get to games extremely early....

And our quest for a good pic of the 2 of us...not so much this time...

After the game we popped over to dunkin donuts and had an old nasty late night snack, and we found this park. This is "The Bean" it is a giant bean shaped piece of art?? I don't get it, but it's really only good in the day light when you can get cool pics of it.

And another form of artwork...these giant tv type screens play images of random people and when the picture starts to open their mouth water starts spraying out...apparently it's nice when it's hot out and the kids like to play in the water, I just thought it was creepy.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Chicago Day 2

I told you it was going to be a long one!

Day 2 began a little chilly and windy, yep the Windy City really does fit...our first stop was at the giant McDonalds - seriously isn't it huge?

Me with my egg mcmuffin in one hand and the gps in the other!

And then we started our trek to the Cubs game...this was Rob's 1st time being at a real Cubs game so he couldn't wait to get there. We arrived 2 hours before the game (did you know baseball games last 2.5 to 3 hours?), yeah LONG day! It was the coolest thing to see the look of excitement on Rob's face when we finally arrived, he bascially ran around the field taking pictures of anything and everything, it was awesome to be there with him for that!

We got seats in the bleachers and the whole atmosphere was just so fun. The people there are really sweet and fun and Rob had a great time heckling the Cardinals fans!

Trying to hold up the sign....we don't have the artistic vision that some do!

My poor hair was a tangled mess the whole time

After the game I took one look at the thousands of people trying to get back on the train and we decided to go sight see a bit until the crowd died down..
This was in front of a Jewish something or other...

The streets are so cool, tall brownstone buildings with shady tree lined streets

That night we walked to Navy Pier and ate carmel corn and rode the ferris wheel, (we got so sun burned at the Cubs game!)

Rob performed for me in this empty auditorium we found

We discovered the key to long skinny legs....

Next up Day 3....

Chicago Day 1

This is going to take multiple posts...we ended up with over 400 pictures (mostly Rob taking random pictures of I'll only do the fun ones!)

We have been talking about going to Chicago for 5 years now and finally made it happen! Rob is a huge Cubs (baseball) and Bears (football) fan so we had to go on a specific week where we could attend games for both teams! Turns out we did 4 games in 4 days....crazy! So the start of the trip got off to a rocky one - I realized when we were getting settled into our seats on the plane that I was missing an earring :(((( I was upset the entire plane ride and felt so dumb that I lost it, I mean who loses diamonds, well me apparently, Rob just told me he'd get me bigger and better ones someday and to not let it ruin the I let it go and let the vacation begin!

Our first fun experience was getting from the airport to the hotel - we decided to try out the "el" train which takes you all over the city for super cheap...we flew in at rush hour (NOT a good thing when you have major personal space issues) so I was feeling a little grossed out by the time it was our stop. Of course the day we arrive the temp is 90 degrees - what the what?? So we got all settled in at the Allerton Hotel
and went to find some food - we went to a pizza place and ended up eating THIN crust pizza....this is NOT normal - Chicago is famous for DEEP DISH pizza, but because I am such a good wife I didn't make a fuss and went with the flow. Are you just overwhelmed with the all the excitement and adventure yet???

We went out for a late night McDonalds run for some ice cream, we are so crazy!!

We took a lovely romantic carriage ride around the lake around midnight - did I mention how romantic it was? Oh wait that's cause IT WASN'T! We had a talkative driver and she spent the whole time talking to Rob about the mayor, the police dept, where the horses were kept at night, if the buses freak them out, and other random things - let's just say I envisioned a much different ride!

And then we slept in our king sized bed - oh this was one of the highlights of the trip for shizzle!

Stay tuned for Day 2.....

Thursday, September 2, 2010

August Fun

Ok so all of this fun time was smooshed into 3 of some crazy days! Kyra came down for a visit, well to see Brian Regan so it was a good excuse for a fun filled girls weekend! I picked her up from the airport on Wednesday and then we did something extreme! We went kayaking in Long Beach! It was super cheap and super fun, I was told that if I were ugly or manish looking in any way this would not be happening....apparently 2 friends can't just go kayaking together!

Then we ran across the street to the beach and drew our names in the sand and took random shots of each other....we are super wierd, I am well aware of this!

Thursday was the longest day ever!! Started off with a gnarly class at the gym, I think I might have literally lost 5 pounds just during the class....then a big brunch with all the girls to welcome kyra home....which was super yummy! Then I got sick and threw it all up (wierd...I never like to voluntarily give my food away to the toilet!) Then we were off to Ikea with Vanessa and Heather :))))

And then it was Cafe Rio time....luckily this time it was actually tasty and I quite enjoyed it!

And then BULL RIDING!!! We don't have much here in Lake Elsinore, but we have a bull! This is at the bowling alley/vegas casino/6 restaurants/bakery/arcade...oh yeah Trevi is a one stop shop for all your entertainment needs!

Vanessa and I made it safely....and then there was Kyra....

Oh yeah the day wasn't over yet....then there were pedicures, frozen yogurt, and then a movie....and then a dance party in the parking home about 2am.

Friday was much more mello....gym, pool (where we created a synchronized swimming routine)

And then it was time for Brian Regan..I am glad I got to participate in this...due to Matt's being in the CHP and all, I felt bad that I had to take his place, but I got over it!

Saturday Kim and I went to a delicious lunch at Wood Ranch...oh those rolls!!! And we went shopping all afternoon, she is my personal shopper and finds the very best deals! So awesome!

And then I slept.

P.S. I am NOT pregnant! I did a super intense workout and then ate waffles, quiche, muffins, and an orange and drank chocolate I really did eat a lot, kinda gross when you put it all together!