Friday, June 26, 2009

It's My Birthday!!

This past Sunday was my 28th birthday and I'm getting older every second of every day!!!!!!

Heather planned an awesome lunch at Lonestar and all of these lovely ladies were in attendance! (Laura, Sarah, Niki, Heather, Me, Kati, Kyra, Kim, Vanessa & Emily had to leave early to get back to work)

Niki and Kyra trying their best to fit these giant burgers in...impressive!!

Glamourshots by....

I had such a wonderful birthday and yet a little difficult as well, it has definitely made me reflect on my life so far. I am truly thankful for my friends- they bring such a light to my life and I appreciate every second I get to spend laughing, talking, complaining(trying to keep that to a minimum:)), and just hanging out with each of of them!!

Thanks to everyone for making my days special! I love you all and am truly blessed!!!!

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Renaissance Faire

Yesterday we had our first experience at the Koronenburg Renaissance Fair! It was definitely a fun time and so glad we decided to try it out!

My favorite part of the day was Jeffrey the Juggler...he was hilarious and kept dropping his props and kept making fun of himself...just a really funny guy!

We also got to see some random idea what they were but people died really easily :(

Next was straight out of Medieval Times! The championship round of jousting! (the blue & yellow guy had the biggest horse we have ever seen!!!)...too bad he lost :(

And then Rob got some lessons on sword fighting (German style) he really enjoyed talking to everyone...they are all super into history and Rob could have spent hours talking to each and every one of them!