Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Christmas at the Hackers

We had Rob's family over for Chrismas Eve dinner this year, we had a great time!!

Anisa (she's only 14 & like 4 in taller than me!), me, Rob and Alex

These are Rob's brothers puppies & I even knew they were coming, but Rob comes walking in holding one of them and says to me "look what I got you for Christmas" yeah I totally believed him & was super excited for about 3 seconds, then I realized he was kidding and tried to play it off like I knew it all along!!

Rob's mom Lynda with Chanel, Chanel of course was the star of the night you can't help but hug her!

Then of course there is Max - poor guy & his mental problems, he tried really hard to be a part of the fun, but mostly just hung out in the hallway

And now to Christmas morning!!! Just me and Rob all day hanging out in pjs eating leftover cookies!

Rob opening his new bowling ball bag!!!

I just put this on because my dog is laying in my lap- she is only about 120 pounds!!! But she really thinks she is a lap dog, so I let her!

And this is me opening my diamond earrings!!! Best gift ever! (Until he hears about what I want next year!) But I don't feel bad about asking for these because I actually really do deserve them and much much more!! HA! (He actually gave me earrings a couple years ago but they were lame and little so I needed an upgrade- I'm such a snob!!!!)

Disneyland at Christmas

We were able to go to Disneyland last week with my sister and her family! It was crazy - seriously about 3 million people were there and I must say none of them looked like they were having that great of a time, but we had a great time weaving in and out of people trying to keep my personal bubble around me!!

Rob & Reagan (I think she was on his shoulders most of the time!)

Me & Sam & Rob with crazyy eyes & some gross couple doing some PDA....couldn't bring myself to crop them out, it's Christmas time afterall

Cute little Rylie - look at those freckles!

My favorite part of the day - the toy soldiers in the parade - they had the funniest costumes and their boots were plastic and made the coolest sounds as they danced on by!!

Thanks Sam for the happiest day of our lives!!!

Friday, December 11, 2009

The Greatest Gadget Ever!

When I was at my parents house I discovered the MOST amazing kitchen gadget!! It's call the Hot Shot Hot Water Dispenser!!! Seriously it is the coolest thing! You just pour in a cup of water in the top, turn it on and in less than 30 seconds you have blazing hot water for your hot chocolate!

My mom just sent me my very own and it is the best gift ever - so if you have any hot chocolate lovers out there this would be a reDONKulously wonderful gift for them!

I'm so glad there are really smart people out there that think these things up - my life would be meaningless without all my kitchen gadgets!!