Friday, June 3, 2011

My little girlie room and my not so little belly shot....

I will be 32 weeks tomorrow!! I finally feel like we are getting somewhere and know she will be here faster than we realize!

Here are a few pics of the cutest little room ever (I think it has just the right amount of girly-ness!)

The closet needs a little more organizing, but you can see the oodles of clothes...which most of them are 6 months and under! The rest are now tucked away in drawers!! I also wanted to add the "It's a Freaking Girl" sign from my shower, it makes me smile when I see it, Rob told me we had to take it down before she started reading cause he didn't want her to see it and be sad.....adorable!!

We found this awesome dresser/changing table combo on craigslist and I jumped on it before anyone else could snatch it up....this is the before shot....

And after....isn't it lovely? It matches the crib perfectly now thanks to Traci for doing such an amazing job to revamp it!!

And yes my diaper pail is ready to go, I have diapers and wipes in the box on top of the dresser, I'm holding off on washing the clothes so I will have something to do in July to keep me preoccupied!!