Monday, October 20, 2008

My Days as a tillys

I think that it is super funny that I can say I was a Tilly's model for a day! I used to work as an Assistant Buyer/Photo Shoot Coordinator for Tilly's back in 2003 or so and one day the models were being super lame and they couldn't get them to do anything funny, so I was jumping around acting like my goofy/nerdy self and they decided that it would be fun to throw me in! So I got to wear silly outfits, pose for pictures and all that good stuff.....there are about 100 more pictures but these are Rob's favorites (he loves these pictures and can't understand why I have such a hard time taking nice pictures since that day!!!!)

Thursday, October 16, 2008

A Look Back....we're moving again???

Being in Northern Cal caused some reflection of my years growing up there....and all the other places I've lived!

I have moved a total of 12 times with my family and 7 times since moving out! 19 moves in a 27 year old life....pretty crazy- now I'm really hoping for no more moving but we'll see where life takes us! You'd think I'd be a more social person having to change wards, schools, etc but I know I have a hard time getting to know people (yes I am very aware I don't make very good first impressions, but hey I'm a work in progress!!)

I lived in Walnut Creek from the age of 10 until 17 (my darling parents moved me in April of my Junior year of high school, totally tramatic for me). We lived in 4 different houses and I'm posting pictures for my own memories to show my children someday that I won't do that to them if I can help it!! So I drove around taking pics and seeing my old schools....and make out spots-way too many of those!! It is such a beautiful area with many many trees....oh to have a tree big enough to give off shade....maybe in like 15 years.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I'm up in Northern Cal this week (Bay Area) looking after my 2 sweet nieces for the week while my sister is in Texas at a dental conference (she's mostly shopping and going to the spa, but we won't tell anyone!!)

So I get to hang out with an 8-year old Rylie and a 6-year old Reagan- getting them ready for school, packing lunches, making dinners, making sure they brush their teeth, putting in headgear----super fun stuff!!! Today we decorated halloween sugar cookies- I had no idea little girls could be so darn messy and gross!! But they had fun and we all ate way tooo many cookies!!

I am having a great time playing mom for the week- my darling sister left 5 pages of instructions for me....I would scan them in and make an entire post about them because they are totally ridiculous, but I will try and be nice!!

Here are a couple pics of my little sweetharts and the cookie decorating!!