Thursday, September 17, 2009

Workin' Girl

I have had it really easy the past couple years in that I have been able to work from home and really set my own schedule....not now! I have finally become smart enough to work full-time! You probably won't see me around much over the next few months as I will be commuting to Ventura/Santa Barbara Wed-Sat morning! This is my second week doing it and I am loving the extra work! Today I was up and ready and working by 7am and just finished the day at 8:45pm, crazy yes but I am enjoying the work. And I get to stay at my sisters house who is 2 months away from the birth of her little boy! So we've been having fun cooking gluten-free and diabetic-free (she has gestational diabetes and is allergic to wheat, so sad!:( )

It will also be fun for me and Rob to spend time apart. That may sound strange, but seriously we have spent almost 24/7 together for the past few years, this way I really look forward to the weekends and we get to spend extra special time together (you reading this Rob?? I want some "special" time with you when I get home!!!

Santa Barbara is freakin awesome - I saw 2 men walking around in capris (they were in different groups, like 2 blocks apart), I am surrounded by Prius's (don't get me started on that one), but it is beautiful and you can walk everywhere which is very cool. So I am having my own little life adventure and life is good!