Saturday, December 25, 2010

We're Having A Baby!

Yes, it's official! We are finally expecting our very 1st kid! After 4 long and difficult years of trying we can now experience the joy of having our own child. I am now 10 weeks along (give or take a few days) and my expected due date will be the end of July 2011 (you didn't think I'd really give you all the details did you?)! We are so excited and so blessed to finally be experiencing this little miracle in our lives.
So far I haven't been too sick, only thrown up a couple of times but food in general is not very appetizing to me!! The only few things I have been enjoying are ruffles and cheese and crackers and lots and lots of water! I'm grateful to feel slightly sick all the time, while it's not ideal, I think I'd be worrying too much otherwise! The last couple days I've started getting my appetite back and have noticed a slight bump where there was none before! (I know it's mostly due to the amount of water I'm drinking and food I'm stuffing in, but I still like it and rub it!)

Next July can not come soon enough for us! I CAN'T wait to finally hold my baby in my arms and never let go!

Here's what I never want to hear from ANYONE:
"Enjoy it now" - seriously like when I talk about sleeping all the time, people say enjoy it now...I've enjoyed it long enough, I'm ready for sleepless nights with a crazy baby!
"bla bla bla mucus plug bla bla blah" - I DON'T want to hear about all the nasty birthing stories, and about all the things that can go wrong! I already worry enough as it is and I will enjoy every second of this - don't bring me down with your nasty stories!! (thank you in advance!) If you feel like I need to really know something, email me, don't tell me in the hall at church or at my baby shower!!
"you look so good" - ha ha I just thought I'd throw that in there, please don't lie to my face and tell me I look good even if I don't - I'm again totally looking forward to gaining 25 pounds in order to sustain this little life in me! I'm not usually self conscious (I realize hormones do crazy things) and I don't plan on being a fatty, but if that's what baby requires, then baby will get.

I'm already completely in love with Baby Hacker and Rob and I couldn't be happier! This definitely happened at the right time in our lives and I've always tried to stay positive and know that things would all work out!

Thank you for all your prayers and thoughts on our behalf, I know I've been a freak of nature in the Mormon world, but now I can officially join the ranks and talk baby non-stop! (JK, please slap me in the face if I ever act like that!)