Friday, October 22, 2010

Chicago Day 5

This is the last of them I promise! This was the BIG day of the Bears and Packers game! We had big plans to do lots of activities but kinda didn't work out the timing very well...

We started the day with a trip to the Sears Tower, Rob had to coerce me out on this 4ft skydeck thingy, I was brave and did 1 pic with him.

Such a crazy shot.

This is also where I swear I spotted a man and his 2 wives...I tried to get a discreet picture but it didn't come out, bummer!

We got to the planitarium 5 minutes before it closed so we had some time to fill...

The only thing I regret not doing was the segway tour! It was super cold so I would have been miserable, but I would have some awesome pictures!

This was my favorite spot of the trip...right on the water, fresh air, you can look out to Lake Michigan and never see where it ends, and best of all I didn't feel cramped, I guess I really don't belong in a city!

And then off to the Bears game! I like this pic of us finally!!!

I wish I had a picture that showed just how steep the incline to our seats were, it was exhuasting! It was so much fun to be completely surrounded with Bears fans, you immediately become good friends with everyone around you and high five on big plays! It really was the best ending to a great trip!

And they won!!!

The next morning we packed up and flew home, drove from Ontario to OC to pick up the doggy (found out she went into heat when we were gone :(( We then realized we didn't have my laptop! Oh no! Luckily it was back at the car lot where we parked the car, so we drove back to Ontario and finally got home that night!

We will definitely be heading back there when we have some kids to take along with us!

Chicago Day 4

Day 4 -

2nd trip to Wrigley Field...coldest day EVER!! We just happened to get there 3 hours before the game....3 HOURS! We had to stand in line outside the stadium, that's how early we were. Needless to say I wasn't a happy camper...

During their warmup some coach threw me a ball and Rob got it signed by their pitcher Ryan Dempster! I had to convince him to go do it (cause he's not that into autographs...), and was so cute and excited when he actually got it. Such a little boy sometimes

I was so cold I had to buy a $20 pair of gloves that were too big! This is our search for hot chocolate, not happening unfortunately!

How do you say no to this cute face???

Such a beautiful field and glad we got to experience it all!

And like the Cubs normally do, they lost both games we went to!